This is a song sung at the end of The Mega Mall Problem during Peg, Cat, and The Teens' dance for a dance contest. The song is about attributes, i.e. characteristics. It is also a recap of the episode's events.

Lyrics Edit

Peg: We almost didn't make it here today.

A few of our teammates wandered off along the way.

Cat: To satisfy their urge to buy,

Teens: Accessories and junk food.

Jessie: The situation had Peg in a funk, dude!

Peg: The Mega Mall is so enormous!

No cell phone or map, Ramone was able to inform us! (?)

Cat: The Teens are running free. Where could they be in this big mall?

Peg: And then Ramone suggested that we should all---

Peg, Cat, and Teens: Look for attributes, attributes,

Peg: Like color, shape, and size.

Peg, Cat, and Teens: Attributes, attributes.

Tessa: Can help you organize.

Mora: A group that's too diverse and dense,

Jessie: Into smaller groups that make more sense.

Peg: 'Til suddenly, everything computes.

Peg and Teens: Thanks to attributes! Go, Cat!


Peg: Everybody has their attributes.

Cat: Mac's head is wide and really tall.

Mora: The Pig looks cute in suits.

Peg: Ludwig's hair looks good, (???)

Ludwig van Beethoven: (???)

Tessa: This guy's trapezoidal.

Shopkeeper: And that's OK!

Peg: Connie has a dress with floral print!

Ramone sells frozen yogurts that are green.

Cat: And taste like mint.

Peg: Cat is bluish-purple.

Cat: Or is it purplish-blue?

Peg: Who knows what you are but I love you!

Peg, Cat, and Teens: Attributes, attributes.

Peg: Like taste or smell or texture.

Peg, Cat, and Teens: Attributes, attributes

Tessa: Or everything from architecture. (?)

I love bags or I love phones (?)

Mora: Or green like yogurt of Ramone's.

Jessie: And whether it's suits or hats or moreso.

Shopkeeper: You've got a trapezoidal torso!

Peg: You can sort it out 'til it computes.

Peg, Cat, and Teens: Thanks to attributes!

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