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Big Peg is the main protagonist of the TV show, Peg + Cat. She is a girl who has her best friend named Cat on her side, who she solves everyday problems with. She freaks out in almost every episode, but always calms down with the help of Cat. She has a girl group called The Pentagirls. Peg and Cat become friends with Rosita. Her birthday is possibly 2001, stating she is a 16 year old girl. She is voiced by Hayley Faith Negrin.


When confronting a problem,Big Peg loves to organize. To plan. To write things down. She can't wait to get going, to conquer the problem!

She's thrilled when she's making progress; breaks into song and plays her ukulele! But when it looks like she might not be able to solve the problem...she totally freaks out!

Luckily Peg has a foil on hand. Someone to slow her down when she's rushing, To calm her down when she's freaking. To mess things up when they don't get too neat! She has Cat.

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