This is a song sung by the Teens and Ramone in I Do What I Can: the Musical.

Lyrics Edit

Teens: Heya, heya, heya, whoop!

Text me now.

Tessa: Wanna swim in the pool?

Teens: Text me now.

Jessie: Yeah, that's totally cool?

Teens: Woo! Heya, heya, heya, whoop!

Where'd they go?

Mora: I just lost my cell phone.

Teens: Like, hello.

Jessie: Hey, look, there's Ramone.

Ramone: Oh, I gotta search for cell phones without getting (???)

Teens: Go find the cell phones.

Ramone: Looking for another phone and then I'll find the next.

Teens: Go find that cell phone.

Ramone: A one two three four, and that's number five.

Teens: Thanks, Ramone.

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