This is the first song in I Do What I Can: the Musical, and is about Ramone's birth, his good deeds, and how to count by fives.

Lyrics Edit

Singers: He's such a great friend when you're at wits end.

He's here to help you out, we're talking 'bout Ramone.

He was born a cute and little lad to his adoring mom and dad.

Peg and Cat (as Ramone's parents): Our Ramone will be the greatest human being ever known.

Ramone as a baby: Ga ga goo.

Peg as Ramone's mom: He'll have part-time jobs and he'll volunteer,

Helping out here and there, now and then.

Cat as Ramone's dad: And he'll be so kind I can safely say he'll do thirty good deeds before he's ten!

Peg as Ramone's mom: Thirty good deeds?! Such pressure on a tot!

Cat as Ramone's dad: I think he can do it.

Peg as Ramone's mom: But maybe not.

This could be a big problem!

Wait, here's a thought I hadn't "thunk".

Why not do the deeds chunk-by-chunk?

Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty.

That's how you get to thirty counting by fives.

Peg and Cat as Ramone's parents: Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty.

He'll get to thirty; they'll cheer when he arrives.

Peg as Ramone's mom: Yes, counting in--

All but Ramone: Fives!

Counting in fives!

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