Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Many
Age 10
Residence Unknown
Friends Peg


First appear. The Chicken Problem
Final appear. Raiders of the Lost Arch
Voiced&nsbp;by Thamela Mpumlwana (Season 1) Jaiden Lewis (Season 2)
"I do what I can." -Ramone

Ramone is a recurring character who has different jobs and talents. He enjoys helping Peg and Cat on his free time.  


Ramone has chocolate colored skin. He has dirt colored hair, two white-tan eyes with pretzel colored pupils, and a dull red mouth. He wears a blue hat, a yellow striped shirt with a white-tan long sleeved shirt underneath, indigo pants, and yellow and white sneakers.


Ramone is the guy everybody likes and counts on. He is kind, supportive, cool, musical, friendly, laid-back and caring. He is always ready to give advice or ideas in a tough situation. He seems to have many skills and many jobs.

List of Ramone's Jobs

  • Circus Ringmaster (The Circus Problem, Another Tree Problem, The Clown Problem)
  • NASA Rock Collector (The Space Creature Problem, The Doohickey Problem)
  • T-Rex trainer (The Dinosaur Problem)
  • Werst-shop owner (The Beethoven Problem)
  • Chef (The Honey Problem, The Birthday Cake Problem)
  • Dutch Florist (The Tulip Problem)
  • Wizard (The Golden Pyramid Problem, The Sparkling Sphere Problem, The Blabberwocky Problem)
  • Frozen Yogurt Stand owner (The Mega Mall Problem)
  • Prince of Egypt (The Cleopatra Problem)
  • Mayor of Mathtropolis (The Arch Villian Problem, The Straight And Narrow Problem)
  • Manager of the Yellow Store (The Long Line Problem)
  • Host of T.V. show (The Perfect Ten Problem)
  • Mail Man boss( The Big Dog Problem)                


  • He is called "Ramón" in the Spanish dub and is voiced by Josnel Rios. The Spanish name is an alternative name for "Ramone".
  • In the French variant, he is called Ràmone.
  • He doesn't appear in The Potty Problem.
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