This is a song sung by Peg and Cat when they try to sneak past Big Dog and deliver the mail.Edit


Peg: Come and take a look at the plan that I've designed.

The dog is sitting here, so we'll sneak up from behind.

Go a little faster, Cat. Move those feet.

Cat: I think he hears us.

Peg: Retreat!

We didn't make it past him but we're on the right track.

Let's go behind the dog but running further back.

We've got to go ahead with the mission we've begun.

Cat: Big Dog is standing up!

Peg: Then, run!

I hope you're feeling bouncy.

Cat: May I ask why?

Peg: Because we'll go right over him by bouncing really high.

Big Dog is way too high, I don't know what to do.

Okay, let's skidaddle.

Cat: I'm way ahead of you.

Peg: One final plan for us, another daring sun (?).

We'll throw a stick behind the dog and then we'll run and run.

Look, our plan is working. He's gonna go and play.

Cat: Whoops, he's seen us.

Peg: Run away!

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