This is a song sung by Peg and lip-synched by Cat in order to impress Roxanne while they were on a walk with her in The Roxanne Problem. He was lip-synching because he didn't know the words and, due to a misunderstanding, Roxanne thought Peg's voice was his voice.

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Lyrics Edit

Peg: Solid shapes... are the shapes for me.

Length, width and height... they've got all three.

Cylinders,... a box or ball.

Solid shapes... they've got it all.

Roxanne: Ooh, that is my very favorite song.

Peg: Then you should really sing along. Solid shapes.

Roxanne: You know I love my solid shapes.

Peg: Are the shapes for me.

Roxanne: The shapes I really long to see.

Peg: Length, width and height.

Roxanne: They're long and wide and also high.

Peg: They've got all three.

Roxanne: I sing their praises to the sky!

Peg: Cylinders.

Roxanne: They've got circles on the ends.

Peg: A box or ball.

Roxanne: Cube and sphere are my best friends.

Peg: Solid shapes.

Roxanne: I stack on top and they won't fall.

Peg: They've got it all!

Roxanne: They're large or small, they've got it all!

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