This is a song about how Cat got stuck in a tree in Another Tree Problem.

Lyrics Edit

Cat: I was strolling through the grass and what did I see?

A big red apple hanging from a tree.

I thought to myself, "That sure looks yummy.

I'd like to put that in my tummy."

I was getting hungry so what did I do?

I tried to reach the apple from atop an old canoe.

But that old canoe wasn't tied to the bay,

so that old canoe started floating away.

I was heading downstream when suddenly, bingo!

I saw the pink head of a feathery flamingo.

The flamingo was a bird, he was shaking with force (?).

Then, he flung me to the saddle of a horse.



I wanna eat that apple 'cause it looks yummy.

Now, the horsie was dancing and shaking his tush,

So I leapt even higher to the top of the roof.

Now, the apple was close, it was in my line of sight,

But I couldn't quite reach it so I jumped onto a kite.

Well, something happened, something frightening.

My kite got struck with a bolt of lightning.

I was flying through the air, wild and free.

And that's how I found myself on top of a tree.

Peg: First the canoe and second the flamingo,

Third was the horse who liked to sing-o.

Fourth was the roof and fifth was the kite.

Cat: That's how I got into the tree all right.

But there's one more thing, it's the saddest part to tell.

As I reached for the apple, it fell!

I was stuck in a tree with all my efforts wasted,

All for an apple that I never even tasted.

Peg: Earlier, an apple fell on my hat.

And I said, "I'd better give this to my old pal Cat."

Cat: Earlier, an apple fell on your hat.

Both: And you/I said, "I should give this to my old pal Cat."

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