Tessa (last name unknown) is one of The Teens. She is the thirteen-year-old.


Appearance Edit

Tessa has Caucasian skin and light purple hair in two pigtails with a parting in the middle. She appears to be wearing red lipstick.

She usually wears a short orange and yellow dress with short, navy blue sleeves and the number 13 written in red on the middle of the dress. In addition, she wears tight blue jeans that go down just past her knees and black slip-on shoes.

Personality Edit

Just like Mora and Jessie, she has a big appetite (especially for pizza) and likes fashion. She, like Mora, likes trapezoidal bags, and, just like both Jesse and Mora, she likes phones and speaks in "hip" slang. Despite these stereotypical mannerisms, she isn't simply a walking stereotype: she has shown interest in dancing in The Mega Mall Problem, was part of Peg's band the Pentagirls in The Girl Group Problem, and expressed an interest in butter-sculpting in The Butter Problem.

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