The Boomy Boom Song is a very short song that featured in The Potty Problem and it was sung by Peg, Cat and the Neighbor Ladies to entertain Big Mouth while he waited on the toilet. Its only lyrics are "boomy boomy boomy boom boom!".

Role in the Episode Edit

When Big Mouth was using the toilet for the first time, he didn't like the idea of waiting so Peg and Cat decided to sing the song, but Peg was having a hard time figuring out how many times to sing "boomy" and how many times to sing "boom". When she figured it out, she wrote the number down on a piece of toilet paper, but that piece accidentally got flushed down the toilet, so the second time Big Mouth had to use the toilet, they couldn't remember. However, when Peg said "three, two" because she was counting backwards to stop herself "totally freaking out", Big Mouth remembered that that was the order and they sang and danced their way out of the bathroom.

Lyric Guesses Edit

  • Three boomies then one boom (Cat)
  • Two boomies then two booms (Peg)
  • Four boomies and three booms (Viv)
  • Two boomies and a hundred booms (Cat and Connie)
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