The Golden Pyramid Problem
Season 1
# in season 2b
# overall 4
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The Golden Pyramid Problem is the second half of the second episode of the first season of Peg + Cat.


The episode starts with Peg and Cat around the Round Table, being knights. Then, they hear a cry for help. They find a mermaid is distress, who tells them that she has lost her golden pyramids. Peg and Cat agree to help her, and go off in search of the pyramids. Then, Cat mistakenly discovers small foot prints that leads the duo to the toad, who had stolen the pyramids. They find the toad, who admits to stealing the pyramids, and tries to convince Peg and Cat to take some cubes instead. The toad eventually gives up, and hands the pyramids over to Peg and Cat. but while they're celebrating, the pyramids are stolen by a dragon. Then, Ramone comes down from the sky as a wizard to help Peg and Cat. He showns them a magic cylinder that will lead them to the dragon. Peg and Cat grab onto the cylinder and it flies them to the dragon, all while Ramone follows them singing a musical number. When the find the dragon, he tells them to leave or he will tickle them. Frightened, Peg and Cat ward off the dragon with the cylinder. But Cat had lost it in all the commotion. Finally finding the cylinder, Peg and Cat tickle the dragon, demanding the pyramids. The dragon gives in, telling them that he traded the pyramids for spheres to the king. Peg and Cat quickly find the Castle, where the king resides. Once inside the castle, they discover that the Pig is the king! After searched for the pyramids and getting frustrated, Peg and Cat soon discover that the Pig had hid the pyramids in his crown. They return the shapes to the Mermaid and the episode ends.


  • Peg (Peg the Bold)
  • Cat (Sir Cat the Brave)
  • Michelle Creber (Apple Awesome)
  • Claire Corlett (Sweetie Knight)
  • Ramone (Wizard)
  • Mermaid (debut)
  • Toad (debut)
  • Dragon (debut)
  • Pig (King)
  • coming soon!


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