The Honey Problem is an episode of the first season of Peg + Cat.

Recap Edit

In the teaser, Peg and Cat imply that someone is up to something and bees are involved.

Peg, Cat the Neighbor Ladies, the Teens, the Pirates, and Ramone, are at the pizza shop. The customers are excited to try a new honey cake. The cake is made, it just needs to be covered in honey, which Ramone sends Peg and Cat out to collect. They do so by getting the bees' permission via a dance. However, Cat spills the honey. Peg explains that he spilled it because when the bucket is full, it's heavier.

They try again, successfully this time. Ramone wants more honey because they need another cake. This is because the 100 chickens have arrived and want to try the cake. He sends them out with a larger bucket and the bees want a more "passionate" dance. They do the dance and get the honey, however, when they return, Ramone is concerned because the Giants have arrived, also wanting honey cake. Peg entertains the customers with the bee dance while Ramone invents a machine used to collect honey faster.

Ramone joins in with the bee dance and they go inside and wait for the machine to get the honey, but Cat accidentally presses the wrong button while swatting a fly, causing the machine to put the other two buckets outside instead of collecting the honey. Peg, Cat, and Ramone plan to go outside to collect the buckets manually.

However, the machine picks them up and carries them into the dining area, where everyone's still dancing. They go back in the kitchen and Ramone shows Peg and Cat the machine's three clamps, explaining that the heavier the bucket, the larger the clamp should be that picks it up. However, Peg freaks out because she and Cat have forgotten which buckets are the heaviest. However, she sees Cat trying to pick the plastic bucket up and is inspired to check the weight by lifting the buckets. It works, and the cake is served up. Afterwards, Ramone sings a song about weight.

Trivia Edit

  • The hive features in the theme.
  • Pig can briefly be seen driving his car.
  • The diner's customers all sing, "So everything is awesome".
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