This is a song sung by several characters and celebrities about how mistakes are normal.

Lyrics Edit

Whale: I used to think that mistakes were,

The worst things I could make, sir.

Bird: When she made them, they'd shake her.

Whoa, every day.

Whale: Now I learned to (???)

I make sure to list something.

And I move right on from things.

Bird and Whale: To find my way.


Marie Curie: When I need an equation,

Do I give up? No way, hon.

Albert Einstein: Do I stop and say, "Hey, son, whoa! That's not right."

Marie Curie: Then, I work the whole day through.

'Til I make a great breakthrough.

Albert Einstein: Then, I shout,

Scientists: "Hip hooray! You see the light!"


Billy Holiday: When I'm learning a new song,

I'll sing too loud, too long.

Everything that I do wrong,

I can't stand,

But I don't say, "Forget it."

I keep on 'til I get it.

Soon enough you can get it,

Sounding grand.


Peg: Well, you know, I was sneezin'.

Cat: She did not know the reason.

Peg: It was not very pleasin'.

Cat: Whoa, you know that's true.

Peg and Cat: We made so many goofs, yo.

But they led to the truth, yo.

That wherever we do go,

I'll be with you.

Everyone: That wherever we do go, I'll be with you.

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