This is a song from The Cleopatra Problem. Peg's favorite marble has been stolen and the suspect has a red, triangular beard, so this song is about searching for the suspect.

Lyrics Edit

Cleopatra: A red triangular beard is what we're searching for.

Peg: That beard's square.

Cat: No luck there.

Cleopatra: And so we'll search some more.

A red triangular beard, search for you we will.

Peg: That beard's blue.

Cat: Boo-hoo-hoo.

Cleopatra: And so we're searching still.

A red triangular beard would fix the mess we're in.

Peg: That beard's round.

Cat: Still haven't found.

Cleopatra: That certain chinny-chin-chin.

Look there in front of the gates. Behold what has appeared.

Peg: (counting the sides of the beard) One, two, three.

Cat: And red, whoopee!

All: The red triangular beard!

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