This is a song from the end of The Tree Problem about how Peg and Cat can rely on each other, no matter what. The genre of the song is a ballad, starting in E♭ major and ends in E major.

Lyrics Edit

Peg: If you're visiting the zoo,

And an elephant sits on you,

Don't just stay squished under his tush,

Give me a call and I'll give him a push.

You can count on me.

You can count on me.

Being trapped under someone is quite a conundrum,

But I will get you free.

Yes, you can count on me.

Cat: If I'm going for a sail,

And I'm swallowed by a whale,

Peg: No need to be frazzled or (???)

Leave it to me, I'll get you out of his stomach.

You can count on me.

You can count on me.

If you've got (???), I can get you uningested,

Cat: And we'll sail merrily. Yes!!!

(Peg laughs)

Both: You can count on me.

Peg: No matter the problem, the two of us can solve 'em.

Cat: When you're in trouble, I'll be there on the double.

Peg: If you're feeling blue, I'm the one, two, three for you.

(They hug)

Both: You can count on me.

Trivia Edit

  • This may be similar to "What Have I Done?" performed by Luna Loud from an episode on The Loud House, with the genre being a ballad. But the difference is that the song in its entirety is in D major.
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